Chai Spice Shaving Soap -80g

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Our shaving soaps are made with Olive, Rice Bran and Coconut oil and the added benefits of Caster Oil's suds and a blend of clays which add slip for a close, clean shave. They don't contain synthetic hardeners, colours or fragrances. 

A favourite amongst the shavers at Monaukai is Chai Spice because it smells amazing, Cassia, Ginger, Clove and Sweet Orange blend together for a warm and inviting scent with Kaolin Clay for slip and Cocoa powder for a rich dark colour.

Monaukai shaving soaps can last up to 6 months when used in conjunction with a shaving soap brush, excess water is drained out of the dish after use and it is allowed to dry between uses. Making these shaving soaps great value.


Now available in traditional disc shape and rustic rose.